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Stripped of everything, her life threatened, she’s forced to trust a stranger. 

Kicked out of her home as a teenager, Breezy Richards made a life for herself. Never asking permission or explaining her choices. Always in control of her destiny. Now she’s hiding from a stalker, trying to stay alive back in the one place she never thought she’d call home again: Spencer, Colorado.

The military had been the only escape for JackDaniels Vaughn. He quickly embraced the loner lifestyle, committed only to the next mission and his comrades. He’d sworn never to settle down moving from job to job, city to city, always searching for the elusive sense of purpose. Until he’s asked to protect Breezy Richards.

Loving her made him a better man. Can he keep her alive long enough to tell her?

A special shout out to my cover designer who puts up with my crazy cover obsesson!
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Story Behind the Story


The heroine (Breezy) is loosely based on a young woman I met several years ago. She worked in a gentlemen’s club while putting herself through college. She didn’t want the horrific debt so many of her friends were left with after graduation. She had no help from her family in her goal to get an accounting degree. So, she devised her own game plan.

Sometimes our perception of people or occupations are biased by what others think they know or what television tells us is true. I prefer to meet real people and find out their experiences and motivations. What is true for one performer is not true for all.

My heroine is a pole sport performer. AKA pole dancer. Pole work is a sport, soon to be added to the Olympics just like other gymnastic sports. They often get slammed for their performances. But think of the floor performances of the gymnasts? The coy glances, the glittery costumes, the music. Behind all of that is the same dedication and strength of an athlete.

Most people would be shocked at the physical strength required for pole work. I immersed myself in videos, documentaries, written descriptions and reports. I am excited to see that people are finally seeing it as an artistic expression.


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How far will a man go

to protect everything

he never knew he wanted…

Six Short Stories 


The Aspen Gold Authors

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