Death doesn’t frighten Doc Gage Ewing.

Living scares the hell out of him.

The Healer

Doctor Gage Ewing is on the run from a past he can never forget. No matter how many people he saves in hospitals or on the crime-ridden streets, he can never be forgiven for the one who died. Spencer, Colorado was supposed to be another temporary stop on his neverending road. But he made a mistake. He got involved.


The Assassin

IrishMist “Ivy” Vaughn has been fighting to stay alive since the age of twelve, trained with warrior skills to be whatever is demanded of her. No permanent home. Living out of a duffel bag. Changing personas at the ring of a phone. Spencer, Colorado was supposed to be a place to bury her past and start over. Will they let her walk away?

The only thing a healer and an assassin have in common is. . . Death.

   Hunter Lawe will use anyone to get the enemy.     

No matter the cost...

   Hunter Lawe...riding the line between enforcing the law and breaking it...

   Hunter Lawe is an undercover cop living with mistakes and regret.

   Ruby Leigh Dupree is a woman running from a past she can’t remember.


   Ruby holds the key to his redemption.

Is Hunter her savior or the instrument of her death....

What readers are saying


"Chicago cop Hunter Lawe had been after a serial killer for years. He finds the one woman who escaped from the villain, but she doesn't remember what happened. This hot romance with suspense will keep you up at night!"

~ 5 star review BookBub


"Sleepin' Alone was a thrilling adventure of a book. With a steamy romance, a murder mystery, and plenty of personal angst, this book was a great ride from start to finish."

~ 5 star review Goodreads


 "Bernadette Jones writes characters with such compelling storylines that I couldn't put the book down!" 

~ 5 star Amazon reader 


"...takes the reader effortlessly to places we've never been and lets us smell the air and feel the fear..." 

~ 5 star Amazon reader 

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