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A Better Man

Loving her made him a better man. Could he keep her alive long enough to tell her?


Stripped of everything, her life threatened, she’s forced to trust a stranger. 

Kicked out of her home as a teenager, Breezy Richards made a life for herself. Never asking permission or explaining her choices. Always in control of her destiny. Now she’s hiding from a stalker, trying to stay alive back in the one place she never thought she’d call home again: Spencer, Colorado.

The military had been the only escape for JackDaniels Vaughn. He quickly embraced the loner lifestyle, committed only to the next mission and his comrades. He’d sworn never to settle down moving from job to job, city to city, always searching for the elusive sense of purpose. Until he’s asked to protect Breezy Richards.

Loving her made him a better man. Can he keep her alive long enough to tell her?

Story Behind 


The heroine (Breezy) is loosely based on a young woman I met several years ago. She worked in a gentlemen’s club while putting herself through college. She didn’t want the horrific debt so many of her friends were left with after graduation. She had no help from her family in her goal to get an accounting degree. So, she devised her own game plan.

Sometimes our perception of people or occupations are biased by what others think they know or what television tells us is true. I prefer to meet real people and find out their experiences and motivations. What is true for one performer is not true for all.

My heroine is a pole sport performer. AKA pole dancer. Pole work is a sport, soon to be added to the Olympics just like other gymnastic sports. They often get slammed for their performances. But think of the floor performances of the gymnasts? The coy glances, the glittery costumes, the music. Behind all of that is the same dedication and strength of an athlete.

Most people would be shocked at the physical strength required for pole work. I immersed myself in videos, documentaries, written descriptions and reports. I am excited to see that people are finally seeing it as an artistic expression.

A lost child and a woman left for dead send
Deke Ward spiraling down a trail of horrors.

She'd had the courage to save her child. Can she do the same for herself?


Avie Hall’s dreams of a better future for herself and her daughter are shattered when the shadows of their past threaten their new life. With their dreams on the line once again, Avie knows giving in will cost her everything, but is she strong enough to fight back?


She is the light to his dark….


Deke Ward has witnessed true evil in his life. When he finds the goodness in Avie and her young daughter, he’ll do anything to protect them. Their hope starts to heal his lonely heart, and when the evil shadows of their past return to haunt them, he’ll go to hell and back to save them.


Even if it means letting them go.

The true story behind the cover for
Another Night Alone.

This is a true story of family love and a stranger's kindness....

Authors are quirky. We each have our own idiosyncrasies.

When I first started writing, I would write the book then try to find the cover model.  I quickly learned that once I had an image in my head of what a character is supposed to look like, it is impossible for me to let it go.  I spent hours/days/weeks trying to find the perfect picture for my first three books.

However, Another Night Alone, threw me a major curveball.  You see, I saw a picture of a man while writing my first book who I instantly knew was my secondary character, Deke Ward. That image wouldn’t leave me. A mature man, with silver hair and a really hot bod. Perfect for a romance novel. 

However, as much as I appreciated his physique, it was his eyes that I could never forget.  In his eyes, I saw the stoicism of my character: suffering, loss, pain, endurance.  A few months later I found out that the model had suffered great tragedy and what I witnessed was not my imagination. 

For months I struggled to find a substitute photo. I couldn't. Quite honestly, I was beside myself because covers are important to me.  My son tried to help with the search, but neither of us could find anything. I gave up and said just pick something. 

Instead, he wrote to the model and photographer and explained my situation. These wonderful individuals, Anthony and Paul, sent us a photo to use for the cover! Out of the kindness of their hearts they helped a fledgling indie author.  

I can not thank them enough for their generosity. This particular book meant a lot to me personally and their goodwill gave me the reassurance that benevolence still exists.

Pay it forward, my friends.


“There are all these moments you think you won’t survive. And then you survive.”  

~David Levithan

There is an art to pursuit.

Keira is running out of time. The handsome stranger with a dragon tattoo says he can keep her safe, but he doesn't know the demons on her trail... Will her mysterious past lead her to escape, or drag her back to living hell?


Owen Strong has suffered tragedy, but he’s made a new family in Spencer, Colorado—one he will protect at all costs. When he finds determined Keira Hoa Thi, she rouses more than just trouble.

Looking into her lonely eyes, he sees that everyone's in danger.

But she's come to the right place.

He's the monster hunter.

"If you like your romance with a lot of suspense and a hefty dose of steam, then Lonely Eyes—or really anything by Bernadette Jones—is for you. Here’s what you’ll get with Lonely Eyes: Hot (and I mean SUPER HOT) Hero, Insanely Talented Heroine, Skeletons in The Closet, Steamy Bedroom Scenes, More Than One HEA (So, so good), Amazing Side Characters, Incredible World

Building, Self Defense, Dragon Slaying (Metaphorically Speaking).


~ 5-star review, Mindy McKinley, Romance Author

The Aspen Gold Series, Book 12

(each book stands alone)

Small Town Secrets... Rocky Mountain Rumors... Generations of Love...


Death doesn’t frighten Doctor Gage Ewing.
Living scares the hell out of him.

The Healer

Doctor Gage Ewing is on the run from a past he can never forget. No matter how many people he saves in hospitals or on the crime-ridden streets, he can never be forgiven for the one who died.

Spencer, Colorado was supposed to be another temporary stop on his never-ending road. But he made a mistake. He got involved.


The Assassin

IrishMist “Ivy” Vaughn has been fighting to stay alive since the age of twelve, trained with warrior skills to be whatever is demanded of her. No permanent home. Living out of a duffel bag. Changing personas at the ring of a phone. Spencer, Colorado was supposed to be a place to bury her past and start over. Will they let her walk away?

The only thing a healer and an assassin have in common is Death.

The Aspen Gold Series, Book 7

Small Town Secrets... Rocky Mountain Rumors... Generations of Love...


Every man is guilty
of the good he did not do…

Ruby Leigh Dupree, running from a past she can’t remember, settles in Spencer, Colorado. Night terrors keep her awake. When a man claiming to be from her past walks in the door of the Wild Card Saloon, she’s forced to confront the demons from her nightmares. As difficult as it is to trust someone—especially a stranger—she has no options. Hunter Lawe claims to have the answers. Will they lead to her past or her death? 


Undercover cop, Hunter Lawe, is consumed with making up for his past failures. Now he’s riding the line between enforcing the law and breaking it. Past deceit and betrayal taught him to distrust—no woman will ever use him again. Bent on revenge and straddling the line between enforcing the law and breaking it, will his desperate need for vengeance allow him to use Ruby Leigh to get his enemy, regardless of the cost?

After all, life is just the road to death.

"This hot romance with suspense will keep you up at night!"

~ 5-star review, BookBub


"Sleepin' Alone was a thrilling adventure of a book. With a steamy romance, a murder mystery, and plenty of personal angst, this book was a great ride from start to finish."

~ 5-star review, Goodreads


The Aspen Gold Series, Book 6

Small Town Secrets... Rocky Mountain Rumors... Generations of Love...


Sometimes it only takes a heartbeat
to fall in love....

Final Design Yesterday's Promise 73121.jpeg

Racing Hearts 

Sometimes it only takes a heartbeat to fall in love.

Juan Gonzales lost his heart to Yolanda Garcia eighteen years ago. Now a frightening disease threatens to take her. Losing her would destroy him. Can they defy the odds and keep their family together?



"Jones has an uncanny knack for painting her scenes with an urgency that has the reader at the edge of their seat. Every time I pick up one of her books, I’m sucked immediately into the action and the just pages fly by. Her characters are believably flawed, grow beautifully, and the bedroom scenes are turn-the-fan-on hot."

~ 5 star review, Mindy McKinley, Romance Author

"Chicago cop Hunter Lawe had been after a serial killer for years. He finds the one woman who escaped from the villain, but she doesn't remember what happened. This hot romance with suspense will keep you up at night!"

~ 5 star review BookBub


"Sleepin' Alone was a thrilling adventure of a book. With a steamy romance, a murder mystery, and plenty of personal angst, this book was a great ride from start to finish."

~ 5 star review Goodreads


 "Bernadette Jones writes characters with such compelling storylines that I couldn't put the book down!" 

~ 5 star Amazon reader 


"...takes the reader effortlessly to places we've never been and lets us smell the air and feel the fear..." 

~ 5 star Amazon reader 

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