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Aspen Gold the Series


Small Town Secrets....    Rocky Mountain Rumors....    Generations of Love....

Sleepin' Alone


Book Six:   ISBN-978099920

Hunter Lawe...riding the line between enforcing the law and breaking it...


Ruby Leigh Dupree, running from a past she can’t remember, settles in the town of Spencer, Colorado. Night terrors and scars keep her awake at night. The thousands of dollars hidden in her purse, steal her serenity during the day making her fear what she might have done. When a man from her past walks into the Wild Card Saloon, she’s forced to confront the demons from her nightmares. As difficult as it is to trust someone-especially a stranger-she has no options. Hunter Lawe says he has the answers. Will they lead to her past or her death?


Undercover cop, Hunter Lawe, knows all there is to know about betrayal and the lie called love. A past full of abandonment, deception and a lover’s betrayal has taught him to distrust everyone. Seductive Ruby Leigh Dupree may hold the key to his redemption: Never his heart. He’s the manipulator now in the life and death game with his nemesis. He’ll use anyone to get the enemy, no matter the cost. After all, life is the road to death.

Stay a Little Longer 

Book 7 ISBN​-9781734615029

The Healer


He was on the run from a past he could never forget. Spencer, Colorado was supposed to be one more stop on a neverending road. 

He made a mistake. He got involved. 

Death doesn't frighten Gage Ewing.                  Living scares the hell out of him. 

The Assassin

She'd been fighting to stay alive since the age of twelve. Trained with warrior skills to be whatever they demanded of her. 

Ivy Vaughn decides to bury the past and start over. To make a life of her choice. 

Will they let her walk away?

The only thing a healer and an assassin have in common is.....


What are Readers Saying

About Sleepin' Alone

deef: 5 Star

"I don't normally read romance novels, leaning more to suspense and mystery, but a friend recommended this, so I gave it a try. Wow! It may be classified as a romance, but the murder mystery unraveled in fascinating ways and kept me glued to the pages. The plot is innovative, detailed and well constructed. I felt like I knew the characters and the places described. The author's writing style reminds me of James Patterson, Louise Penny or Daniel Silva."

coolestmommie: 5 Star

Sleepin' Alone is another fantastic addition to the Aspen Gold Series. Bernadette Jones writes characters with such compelling storylines that I couldn't put the book down. Hunter Lawe has been so involved and in so deep on his undercover assignment that he no longer really sees himself as the good guy.


Ruby has some nasty wounds, a big bump on her head and no memory of several months of her life.  So when Hunter sees her and accuses her of terrible things, she doesn't know what to think as she just can't remember. Will Hunter protect her or use her?

I was so involved in the story, it felt as if I was in the story. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next and I laughed and cried along with the characters. It's not often a book transports you so fully away into its pages, but Sleepin' Alone was that book. It is a part of the Aspen Gold Series, but does stand alone so you can read and not be lost. Enjoy!

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